Boylan Catholic to Make Big Announcement at Spring Pep- Assembly

On Friday, March 18, 2022 at 2:00pm, Boylan Catholic located at 4000 St. Francis Dr., Rockford, will be hosting a pep- assembly for their students but not just any pep- assembly. This spring pep-assembly will host special guests and will feature exciting news for our students. The pep- assembly will be held in the Main Gym. Media enter through Student Entrance (Door D). 

President, Amy Ott, along with special members of the Boylan community will be announcing a big update for the Boylan campus to begin this summer. This update has been in the works for a few years. After pushing through the pandemic, Boylan is finally able to announce and begin. 

“I am very excited to share such fun and exciting news to our students. Without giving away the big surprise just yet, I want our students to know that this is for them. It will be so special to share this news with them,” said Ott.

She continued, “and we could not do this without the support of our tremendous donors. Many donors that are making this possible will be at the assembly and I think it’s amazing that they get to be with us when we announce this to the kids.”