Christian Service Requirement

Boylan CrossBoylan’s Christian Service Program allows students to experience Christianity in a dynamic way by actively participating in a wide variety of opportunities that serve their community and those in need. Christian service has its roots in the command of the Gospel to be of service to the needy, poor, and disadvantaged in a direct, personal and helping way.

  1. All students are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours of service per year from a list of pre-approved agencies.
  2. Alternate service agencies may be considered, email Mrs. Lisa St. John before submitting hours.
  3. Students may earn service hours by volunteering for approved projects and events at Boylan; however, service hours completed for the school may not exceed 25 hours over four years. 
  4. Students must submit hours through the MobileServe App/Website. MobileServe will then email supervisors to verify the service as recorded. This verification process is necessary for consideration of approval.
  5. The service year runs from May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024.  (Senior service hours are due April 15, 2024.)
  6. All students are required to complete a service assessment in their Theology class which will be graded. This assessment will carry the same weight as a 4th quarter test grade.

Activities that do not Count as Christian Service

  • Work completed for pay.
  • Babysitting.
  • Yard work (mowing the lawn, raking leaves, etc.).
  • Walking the dog.
  • Shoveling snow.
  • Any activity done as a household chore.

How do I know if it is a Christian Service?

Ask yourself – is what I am doing related to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy? Does my service set a Christian example and witness the Gospel? Would others know that I am a Christian by my actions of service?