Science The science department curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the natural environment through both lecture and laboratory. Two credits are required for graduation, including a year of biology, although most Boylan students take three or four science courses in preparation for college. The typical pre-college strand is biology, chemistry, and physics beginning sophomore year. Other elective courses including AP options begin junior and senior year.


Biology (Grade 10) or Honors Biology (Grades 9-10)


Integrated Science (Grade 9)

Chemistry (Grades 10-12) or AP Chemistry (Grades 11-12)

Earth Science (Grade 11-12)

Environmental Studies (Grades 11-12)

Forensic Science (11-12)

Physical Science with Earth Science (Grades 11-12)

Honors Human Physiology/Anatomy (Grade 12)

Physics or AP Physics (Grades 11-12)

AP Biology (Grades 11-12)

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