Boylan Catholic High School Holds National Honor Society Induction for Class of 2023

Boylan Catholic High School held its spring National Honor Society induction of new  members on April 27. Thirty-eight members of the class of 2023 were selected for membership by the faculty who based their evaluations on the candidates’ scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 

The newly inducted students include Ariadne Alarcon, Emma Ambrose, Maya Bali, Madelyn Bishop, Samuel Burkins, Grace Carbone, Brooke Christianson, Connor Coyle, Nicholas Davenport, Hope Fransen, Michelle Gornicki, Jack Kerno, Emily Kielty, Brody Kolodzik, Sarah Krein, Arleen LaFever, Tessa Lawson, Nicholas Lewandowski, Ella Maier, Sandra Mendoza, Maxton Montoya, Ronan Murray, Claudia Nichols, Julian Nichols, Sophia Okite, Zofia Prashar, Nicole Riemer, Isabella Rodriguez, Celina Roy, Sophia Rozanski, Molly Ryan, Magdalen Schmidt, Emily Schriever, Jessica Schrom, Elizabeth Trenhaile, Katherine Wardenburg, Peter White and John Winkelmann. The National Honor Society will induct a second group of students from the class of 2023 in November of this year.

National Honor Society moderator, Mrs. Lindsay Mertes commented on the new inductees, "Boylan is so proud to have these great students joining NHS. We know they will be a great addition in our mission of service and leadership at the school.”

FRONT (L to R): Brooke Christianson, Grace Carbone, Maya Bali, Emily Schriever, Celina Roy, Sophia Okite, Michelle Gornicki
SECOND: Sophia Rozanski, Hope Fransen, Sarah Krein, Sandra Mendoza, Nicole Riemer, Isabella Rodriguez, Arleen LaFever, Emma Ambrose, Maggie Schmidt, Claudia Nichols
THIRD: Zofia Prashar, Molly Ryan, Ari Alarcon, Elizabeth Trenhaile, Ella Maier, Emily Kielty, Madelyn Bishop, Kit Wardenburg, Tessa Lawson, Jessica Schrom
BACK: Jack Kerno, Maxton Montoya, Nick Davenport, Ronan Murray, Julian Nichols, Nicholas Lewandowski, John Winkelmann, Connor Coyle, Peter White, Brody Kolodzik, Sam Burkins