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B.A. - Loyola University


Prior to Boylan, Mr. Wedwick worked at Loyola University of Chicago in Enrollment Operations and then Student Services.  Originally from Rockford, Mr. Wedwick and his wife Lindsay moved back to the area in 2008. Mr. Wedwick was a stay-at-home dad for several years while pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy and theology. After two years subbing and coaching at Boylan, Mr. Wedwick joined the Theology Department full time in 2012.

He finds high school theology so interesting becase "It is important to address the "big picture" questions in a way that does them justice. Students earnestly seek the truth, and the Catholic faith, taught and understood in a way that involves struggle and challenge, can open us up to the truth. I think it is a tough and entertaining job."

During his time at Boylan, Mr. Wedwick has served as assistant coach to both the cross country and boys' basketball teams.


3 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

Best Vacation I Ever Took: Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Malloy, Raudeberg) to visit family.

If I Wasn't A Teacher, I'd Be A...fisherman and boat-builder in Norway.

What I Love Most About Working At Boylan: The community of teachers and students doing difficult tasks joyfully.